1940s 1960s 7" Jazz Pop

He’s making a list …

Bing Crosby’s version of the Irving Berlin song “White Christmas” is the best selling recording of all time. First released in 1942, various versions of the single sold more than 50 million copies. Add in appearances on LPs, CDs and EPs (like this one) and you have total sales of something more than 100 million copies.


Consequently, you won’t hear it on Planet Vinyl.

We are going for another track from a Bing Christmas EP, first released in Australia in 1961. The price tag shows that this particular disc was bought from Allen’s music stores,  an institution in this part of the world for decades, in December 1965, for $1.60.

allens-sticker-further-roteAustralia was phasing in decimal currency at the time – the official change over did not occur until February 1966 – but despite the futuristic pricing this was a nostalgic purchase. Whoever bought this was a fan of the music of twenty years earlier, the swing-jazz of the 1940s. And it is a gem. The smooth tones of Bing, with the tight harmonies of the Andrews Sisters and the skilled jazz musicians of the Vic Schoen Orchestra, manage to make “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”, not a song I really warm to usually, positively zing.

Thank you so much for visiting Planet Vinyl, as we come to the end of our first year. It’s been an amazing sleigh ride already, and I have a sack of vinyl, shellac and acetate I can’t wait to share. Happy Christmas!

  • Artist: Bing Crosby, with the Andrews Sisters and Vic Schoen and his Orchestra
  •  EP Title: White Christmas
  •  Track: B1 “F Santa Claus is Coming to Town”
  •  Format: 7” 45 rpm
  •  Label: Festival
  • Catalogue: FX-10212
  •  Manufactured in: Australia
  •  Year: 1961

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