Welcome to Planet Vinyl

Welcome to Planet Vinyl

Ladies and gentlemen, we are beginning our descent onto the surface of Planet Vinyl.

We have no idea where we will land, or what we will hear when we get there. That is the beauty of Planet Vinyl.

Here you will meet songs and tunes and stories which were recorded, and someone once bought, and then abandoned. These are the lost children of recorded sound, who have found sanctuary.

Planet Vinyl: the last refuge for obsolete recording technologies. The once-famous, the always obscure, the hopelessly unfashionable and the retro-cool. The dusty, the scratched, the pristine. The mono, the stereo, the 8-track. Speeds 33, 45 and 78, and even some others. Inches 7, 10 and 12. Nine years old, or 90 years. Rare collectables, or the sad James Last LP without which no op-shop or thrift store is allowed to open.

They all live together here in happy chaos. Everyone is welcome. Everyone is respected. On Planet Vinyl, there is no such things as bad music. Because it is always a good thing that people make music. Sometimes the music is a glorious artistic triumph. Sometimes it is a silly pop song, or a jingle advertising truck tyres.

Whatever. On Planet Vinyl, people come with open ears and listen bravely. Maybe only once! But still we listen, give it a fair go. Like archaeologists at a dig, we value the pot shards and doorknobs and belt buckles, and we sometimes find riches unimagined.

Now, please switch off your mobile phone, pour yourself a drink, and place your seat in the recline position. The shuttle has landed, the hatch is opening. We are on Planet Vinyl. Just listen. 


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