Copyright, and all that

Many of the images and sounds I share on this site are long out of copyright. Some are still in copyright, depending on where you happen to be in the world. I imagine that, from time to time, I will technically infringe on copyright material. If you are the owner of a copyright work which I have used or, more likely, represent some large and voracious corporate entity which claims such ownership, just send me an email and I will immediately and cheerfully take down the material.2044 label detail

Before you go to the contact page, however, please let me explain the context. This is a hobby site. I make no money from it. All the records are in my personal collection, and I have digitized images and sounds from them because I love the lost world, Planet Vinyl, they document.

My greatest hope is that people visiting this blog will be inspired to find and buy good quality versions of the the dusty discs I explore. Think of it as free advertising. But yes, if I have infringed on intellectual property you have an interest in, and you would like me to stop doing so, just let me know.

All of which would make me a rank hypocrite if I were to be a miserable dog in the manger in regard to the original material I have created on this site. So, if anyone wants to share, link to, or quote from this site feel free to do so. My terms are those of the creative commons: anyone is free to use my material for any non-commercial activity, and I would appreciate attribution.

Richard Evans