1980s 45 rpm 7" Pop Single

Vaguely about the end of a relationship

The lecturer held up an LP cover. It was Supertramp’s 1975 album, Crisis? What crisis?. The sleeve pictures a man reclining with a drink under a beach umbrella, but instead of a beach he is set against a bleak factoryscape, a nightmare of grey industry spewing pollution. What, the lecturer wondered, does this mean, exactly? […]

1970s 45 rpm 7" Pop

Like chocolates in a box

The Carpenters, sister Karen and brother Richard, sang sweetly, and almost always about love. Richard played the keyboards and provided the harmony. Karen sang the lead and – I never knew this – also played the drums. I remember the Carpenters on the radio, back in the 1970s. Even then I felt that Karen and […]