1980s 7" Pop Single

Dancing on the wall

It was a year of miracles, 1989. The Iron Curtain which had divided Europe for 40 years, which seemed as permanent and indestructible as the pyramids, was swept aside. Communist regimes, ruthless police states all, collapsed like portable picnic tables hit by a car. And the most amazing thing? Scarcely a shot was fired. People […]

1980s 45 rpm 7" Pop Single

The good old Futurist days

Synth-pop was new and exciting once. To appreciate the music of the High Eighties, you have to get the freshness, the sense of possibility opened up by synthesisers. Some of it was a bit thin, a bit tinny, but at its best it had an energy, a zip. One of its best practitioners was Vince […]

1980s 45 rpm 7" Pop

That bash-bash drum

Imagine yourself flung through a space time vortex, emerging you know not when, lost sometime between the Big Bang and the Last Judgment. You can’t yet see, but you can hear. There’s something coming through the ether, a sound. Three seconds is all you need. “Bugger,” you think, “I’m stuck in the 1980s”. That bash-bash […]